The ability to influence your own economy is an important part of a sustainable lifestyle and one of the pillars of our concept.


In a passive house, you will reduce the cost of energy used for heating. By producing and storing solar-derived electricity you will also be able to reduce the cost of your household energy requirements substantially.


During parts of the year, you will have an electricity production surplus. By selling it to power grid companies, you will acquire a credit capital that will reduce your electricity bill during the rest of the year.


In each of our housing concepts, there’s an electric car pool that’s shared between neighbours. This makes it possible to maybe dispense with one of your household’s cars.
For the same reason, we’re developing pools for electric hand tools and similar, in order to limit unnecessary consumption. Greenhouses and allotments will provide both tastier vegetables and lowered grocery costs.


Quality reduces operational costs

Our houses provide efficiently produced, high-quality homes. Passive-house tech and environmental certifications means that you residence will be imbued with controlled and certified attention to detail. This guarantees a level of quality that will ensure reduced operational costs compared to a conventionally constructed house.