Our housing concept

Elderly housing

Secure housing

Our lifespans become longer and longer. This means that the need for housing adapted for the increasing numbers of elderly people is becoming progressively more acute. That’s were our concept for sustainable secure housing comes in.
The concept is based on 2-4 floor apartment buildings, with packaged services such as janitorial and care facilities. On the ground floor, there are spaces for care services or residential care. Assistant nurse, nurse, janitorial and similar services can be shared.
The residences are sold as condominiums or developed as tenancies in cooperation with health care companies or municipal authorities. We’re in constant dialogue with private and public entities and attentive to changing requirements. Also, the concept is based on our proprietary building manual, containing flexible design solutions, drawings and material specifications. We are partnered with companies that produce sustainable housing using production-line methods, with a high degree of rationality and to excellent quality standards. This makes us exceptionally adaptable and quick on our feet.