Housing that fits your lifestyle.
Sustainable, simple and secure.

Jemmett offers pleasant living in line with the more sustainable lifestyle chosen by an ever-increasing number of people. It’s an alternative that really hasn’t existed before: a combination of passive house technology, smart-home functions and an overall focus on safety and security. For us, it’s the future of housing. No more, no less.


Sustainable living in smart, secure homes

Our mission is simple: to create sustainable housing that offers people a pleasant lifestyle. Which is actually exactly as simple and natural as it sounds.
We begin by building sustainable houses that exceed the most demanding environmental requirements and certifications standards, using passive house technology and healthy materials. Then, we add a range of smart home solutions that conserve energy, make life easier and free up time for doing what we love. We also create natural meeting places and settings for social sustainability. The result is safe and secure housing, on more levels than one. Modern technology makes life safer and easier, good neighbour relations make us feel secure. Low energy costs contributes to financial security. And you can also feel secure in the knowledge that your house causes minimal environmental impact.

Our concept works equally well in detached, semi-detached and apartment buildings. The pleasant and sustainable lifestyle we offer is available to all.