Our story

Jemmett’s mission is to create modern, life-affirming homes that make life more pleasant, fun and secure. We do it in a manner that contributes to a sustainable future.


We change the way in which we build and live in our houses. Building construction and home life represents 40% of the world’s energy usage. This means that housing is the human activity that impacts the environment the most.
It’s about how we construct our housing. But just as much about how we live in it. The lifestyle we currently enjoy here in Sweden generates 10 tons of carbon dioxide per person per year. In less than ten years, we need to reduce that figure to 0.9 tons to attain Sweden’s climate goals for the year 2045.


It’s a tough challenge, but not impossible. However, it will require the construction business to drive progress. Buildings need to become more energy efficient, energy sources renewable and materials used free from chemicals. Homes must also facilitate a sustainable lifestyle, through solutions like electric car pools, arable allotments and facilities for social interaction.
The progression is as natural as it is self-evident. By adding these values, habitation will also result in improved quality of life. This is why our housing has functions that make life easier, free up time, create security and facilitate social interaction.


Our environmental commitment is whole-hearted. Jemmett founder Carlos Andersson is the former CEO of Passivhuscentrum Västra Götaland, Sweden’s institute for energy-efficient construction. He is a leading authority on the transition to more sustainable homes and is driving hard to realize this vision. Combining sustainable living with a more pleasant lifestyle will make the change both inevitable and natural.
Jemmett is based in Western Sweden, but create housing concepts at several locations around the country.