How the Passive House works

Passive Houses is an energy standard for building houses with very low energy consumption.


Passive Houses is heated by the sun as well as by using recovered heat from the ventilation, from our household appliances and those living in the house.


The quality of building production and components is the basis for minimizing heat loss through the climate scale. It is also important to work to create free energy conditions by placing windows for maximum sunlight exposure.


Passive Houses provide good indoor comfort with no drafts and cold bridges through doors and windows.. The good indoor climate is secured by FTX ventilation, exhaust air, supply air and heat exchange in a system with good filtered incoming air to the rooms.


Passive House certification is made according to the International Passive Housing Institute in Germany and according to the Swedish definition FEBY 12.


Passive houses have been built in Sweden since the beginning of the 21st century and in Germany since the beginning of the 1990s. There are tens of thousands of Passive Houses in the world, saving energy both in cold and warm climates.