Smart, secure and sustainable houses

Secure living

Security is more than one thing

Being safe and secure in you home may seem like a matter of course. But there are more than one aspect to the concept of secure living. Our concept covers several of them.
The smart-home technology that forms an integral part of our construction philosophy makes home life both easier and safer for everyone. Voice- and app-activated control tech makes increases both convenience and security in our detached and semi-detached homes, and new fuction are continuously being developed.


We also offer a highly appreciated secure living concept aimed at people over 65, apartment buildings were services such as common spaces, activity rooms, security host service and electric car pool are included. The apartments have all the required adaptations and are offered as tenancies. Jemmett cooperates with municipal authorities and care givers in order to be able to offer good housing for the elderly.
Economic security is also important, which is why we never transfer overleveraged housing associations. The security of your private economy is improved by a sustainable, energy-efficient home featuring electric car pool and other sharing functions. Finally, our strong focus on sustainability also means you can feel secure in the knowledge that the way you live has minimal impact on the environment.


Our secure living in brief


  • A unique concept for safe and secure homes for people over 65
  • Alarm and control functions using smart-home technology
  • Economic security through minimized or eliminated energy costs
  • Long-term sustainability and environmental impact security