Smart, secure and sustainable houses

Smart homes

Simple, energy-efficient and secure housing

Smart-home function will simplify your daily life and and provide with you with more time for activities you enjoy. It will also provide you with a detailed overview of your energy usage, improving your ability to actively minimize it. And last but not least, the various security features will increase home safety. Generally, smart-home tech I still in it’s early stages. We will continuously implement the latest advances in our housing projects.


All types of housing we offer are smart homes. This means that numerous home function can be controlled using voice or app commands. You will be able to monitor the energy production of your solar cell panels, lighting, heating, ventilation, alarm functions, vacuum cleaner, lawn mower and music system. Over time, we expect to be able to add functions for controlling appliances as well as for provisions purchasing.
The degree of control available in our smart homes varies according to housing concept and tenure status.


Our smart-house functions in brief

  • Heating and energy usage
  • Ventilation
  • Solar cell energy production and storage
  • Lighting
  • Alarms
  • Electronics (lawn mower, vacuum cleaner, music system)