Smart, secure and sustainable houses

Sustainable houses

Sustainable houses for a sustainable life

Our housing makes it easy for you to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle. Our concepts all surpass the world’s strictest environmental standards, creating the most favourable conditions for living sustainably available.


Our houses are designed to provide the world’s lowest environmental impact through a combination of the required construction techniques, built-in energy production and storage, careful choice of materials and optimized solutions that facilitate sustainable living.


Passive-house technology is standard in all houses. Passive house certification is the world’s most exacting standard for minimized energy usage, with strict demands on construction quality and materials. More on passive houses here.


Jemmett houses are certified according to the Swedish Svanen standard, which makes strict demands on indoor environment, the phasing out of chemicals in construction materials, energy-efficient appliances etc. The certification is carried out by external inspectors on the finished building. More on the Svanen certification here.


All our buildings have fully-integrated solar cells connected to in-house energy storage. This provides a balance between energy production and usage in your home. Any excess energy produced is sold off to electricity grid companies.


The main raw materials in the framework and insulation are wood-based, as wood provides a good basis for sustainable construction. Moreover, access to high-quality woods is especially good locally in Sweden.


Sustainable lifestyle included

All our residential areas include greenhouses, arable plots and electric car pools. Condominiums also include a pool for electric hand tools and other devices you don’t need every day.
Also, our smart-home solutions provide an overview of your energy consumption, helping you minimize usage.


Healthy houses

The indoor environment quality in a passive house is high. A suitably filtered amount of air is distributed to all rooms. Thermal bridges and drafts are avoided completely. Carefully chosen materials help us remain healthy.


Our sustainable housing in brief

  • Certified passive-house technology minimizes energy usage
  • All houses are certified according to the Svanen standard, for minimal impact on climate and health
  • Wood-based natural materials in framework and insulation
  • Solar cells and battery storage for in-house energy production
  • Electric car pool, in certain cases electric hand tool pool as well
  • Greenhouses and arable plots