Nordic Ecolabel Svanen housing

In addition to Passive House certification, we have chosen to have Nordic Ecolabel Svanen for our properties. This is a quality label based on a life-cycle perspective. It means a holistic approach to the construction process, the building as well as its use and management. In USA, Jemmett homes will be certified with LEED.


Building materials and chemical products have been checked; from the wood used in the roof tops to grout in the bathroom. The building must live up to the tough demands on low energy consumption.


There are even requirements, for example, to encourage the use of renewable energy and has tough requirements on the chemicals that should not be in the house.


These buildings assures an attractive indoor environment. The Svanen label assures quality in the construction process, for example with requirements that prevent moisture build-in and that hazardous chemicals in building materials are not used.


There are also tough demands on good ventilation, low noise levels and good daylight conditions.


Nordic Ecolabel Svanen – breifly:

The houses…

  • have a well-planned operational and maintenance plan that will ensure energy tightness and a good indoor environment
  • have water saving toilets
  • have good ventilation
  • have good insulation values
  • have energy-marked appliances
  • built with high quality
  • have low climate impact and is energy efficient
  • built with materials that contain minimal environmental and health hazardous substances
  • have material and quality control to avoid built-in moisture damage